The 3 Step Guide To Buying Skincare Ft. Olay Fresh Effects

Choosing skincare can be a tricky project, for anyone who doesn’t know what their needs are or what to invest in. This is because the products we put onto our skin can affect our self-confidence and health with a swipe across the surface. That is why after years of purchasing skincare I have developed a three-step guide to help you achieve a morning skincare routine. So… Let’s get to it!


STEP ONE: What are my skincare needs?

  • I needed a morning cream that provided hydration, energy, and base for my makeup afterwards.
  • I needed a gel texture cream that didn’t cause blemishes and produce more oil on my face.
  • I needed a cream that was affordable for a student budget.


STEP TWOWhat investment am I willing to make?

  • After looking at my needs I discovered a new drugstore product by Olay Fresh Effects called Dew Over Hydration Gel Moisturizer.  When coming across the advertisements on Youtube I then discovered that cream was: gel textured, affordable for my student budget, and targeted to youth! Furthermore, making me quite excited to purchase the cream on sale for $11 dollars! You heard me, ELEVEN DOLLARS!


STEP THREEWas the purchase worth it?

  • After two weeks of usage, I then created a pros and cons list to discover if the product was worth the investment! Some quick questions I always ask myself are: Did this product make me breakout? Did this product cause more harm then good? Would I repurchase the product if needed it or would I find a new solution and return it? 


PROS and CONS of: Olay Fresh Effect’s Dew Over Hydration Moisturizer


  • This cream was an affordable price, $11.
  • This cream has a light gel texture, which is perfect for morning wear before makeup.
  • This cream did not make my skin breakout into acne or cause any redness.
  • This product smelt like a traditional spa – cucumber melon and hydrated the skin.


  • This skincare item contains a small amount of product in its packaging.
  • This product is not ideal for someone who has an allergy to scents or fragrance.

Overall: 4/5 and I would recommend and repurchase!


Thank you for reading my three-step guide to purchasing skincare and my review of Olay’s Fresh Effects cream! What morning cream do you use? Let me know in the comments bellow!

Ps. This review was NOT sponsored by Olay Fresh Effects, and these thoughts are my own.

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Music Mix - Autumn Leaves

“Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you? Float down, like autumn leaves.” – Ed Sheeran.

This is an 8Tracks music mix filled with soft love songs that will perfectly compliment your Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte! The season of fall is all about change and being grateful in your toughest moments. When listening to these pretty songs, put on your thickest sweater and reflect with those you love.


  1. Autumn Leaves – Ed Sheeran
  2. Fireproof – One Direction
  3. Latch (Acoustic) – Sam Smith
  4. Long Way Home – 5 Seconds Of Summer
  5. Sweater Weather (The Neighbourhood Cover) Ft. Max – Alyson Stoner
  6. Photograph – Ed Sheeran
  7. Hate To See Your Heartbreak – Paramore
  8. Iris (Goo Goo Dolls Cover) – Sleeping With Sirens
  9. Landslide (Fleetwood Mac Cover) – Madilyn Bailey
  10. Fools – Lauren Aquilina
  11. Beautiful Disaster (Live) – Kelly Clarkson
  12. I Want To Hold Your Hand (The Beatles Cover) – TV Carpio
  13. Start Of Time – Gabrielle Aplin
  14. Get Home – Bastille
  15.  Us Against The World – Coldplay

What is your favourite thing to reflect on during autumn? Let me know in the comments bellow!

Ps. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers out there! Please enjoy fabulous food, relaxation, and being with family.

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#OOTN - Academic Banquet Ft. LookBookStore

As many of you may know, I am currently working and loving my leadership job on campus! However; before my skills were put to the test on students, I received a lot of training that ended with a beautiful banquet in Great Hall. This event was spectacular and I am super grateful to announce that LookBookStore collaborated with me to bring you this post!  


  • Dress - Glam Maxi Dress ($36, Sponsored): This gorgeous maxi dress features a cutaway neckline that creates an optical illusion with black and white/cream fabric! In addition, the close fitting feel intensifies your curves and makes you look like an old Hollywood star! 
  • Undergarments - Black Bandeau ($12): Since the fabric is stretchy, I wore a black bandeau underneath to layer and prevent any see-through action from happening.
  • Shoes - Ralph Lauren Black Snake Print Patent Pumps ($75)
  • Earrings - Claire’s Pearl Studs ($12) & Small Diamond Cartilage Earring
  • Handbag - Forever 21 Black Quilted & Gold Chain Handbag ($20)


  • Hair - I treated my hair with a heat protecting spray, straightened each strand, and then applied hairspray. This is because with a ‘show stopping’ dress like this, you don’t want voluminous wavy hair to distract the viewer’s eyes.
  • Primer - Rimmel Stay Matte Primer ($9)
  • Foundation - Clinque Moisture Surge CC Cream Light ($37, Gift)
  • Concealer - Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer Light Pale ($14)
  • Powder - MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Light ($32)
  • Highlight & Blush - Sephora Microsmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio Fair ($20, Gift)
  • Eyeshadow Primer - MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot Let’s Skate ($20)
  • Eyeshadow - MAC Gilded Night Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo ($23, Discontinued): I chose to create a minimal eye makeup look for a sultry alternative to a smokey eye. I absolutely loved how the light gold shadow matched my dress perfectly!
  • Eyebrow - Revlon Brow Fantasy Dark Blonde ($6) 
  • Eyeliner - Rimmel ScandalEyes Thick & Think Liquid Eyeliner Black ($6)
  • Mascara - CoverGirl Clump Crusher by LashBlast Water Resistant Very Black Mascara ($8): I decided to try this ‘hyped’ drug store mascara and ended up enjoying the plastic angled wand quite a bit! In addition, I liked the creamy formula and how natural the product made my eyelashes look.
  • Lipstick - Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine 9 Lipstick ($40, Gift)

Collaborating with lookbookstore and choosing this dress was outside of my comfort zone and a huge challenge for me! This is because as an size eight to ten woman with hips, I tend to wear dresses that hide my curves instead of accentuate them. However, the positive feedback I received at the banquet and from YOU beauties online made me feel so confident in my body that night! Thank you, thank you!

What is your go to look for a special event? Let me know in the comments bellow!

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What’s in my bag? - School Edition

Before I invite you into my school bag, I want to thank Kath Diares’ for tagging me in her lovely post! I have always been a noisy person and love to ask what organizational tools people use to achieve success at school! So… Let me unzip my backpack and show you what’s inside!


  • Thule EnRoute Mosey Cranberry DayPack ($100): This large hooded backpack carries everything I need in supreme luxury! When first purchasing this bag, my dad described it as the Rolls Royce of school bags! This is because it includes: laptop padding, an iPad slip pocket, two heat-molded crush proof compartments, and a lot of organizational space!


  • Built Lace Decal Lunch Bag ($20): As my academic career continues I try to steer myself away from dining hall food and switch to health alternatives. I use this lace decal lunch bag to carry all of my snacks!

  • Bath and Body Works Pocketpac and Holder ($3, 8): Pumpkin spice sanitizer? Girly case? Personal hygiene? SIGN ME UP!

  • Quo Vadis Agenda ($25): Throughout the school year I love to keep organized with my teal leather agenda! This Quo Vadis agenda includes: 13 months, calendars, weekly schedules, maps, and notepaper.

  • Pencil Case ($1-6): If you haven’t noticed already, I am a bit stationary obsessed! In this cute case I keep my pencils, erasers, highlighters, whiteout, and my favourite Pilot Ball Faxion clicker pens!


  • iPad with Keyboard Case ($70 Keyboard): When it comes to staying organized for courses I use my iPad rather than luging around my Macbook Pro! This tablet with the keyboard case lets me access apps like: Evernote, iStudiezPro, and music notation programs that all sync back to my home computer. 

  • Monogram Binders ($10): I absolutely love personalizing binders and adding monograms to everything! You can also create monogrammed binder covers with this tutorial from Personalized From Me To You! No photo-shop needed!

  • Clairefontaine Notebooks ($6-8): I tend to use notebooks for subjects that I want to concentrate fully in like: singing studio and blog planning. My favourite paper brand Clairefontaine creates luxury notebooks with thick glossy paper and purple accents.


  • Kate Spade Emma Pencil Case ($30): This is a pencil pouch that I transformed into a fashionable clutch to hold: my iPod Touch, earbuds, and Samsung Galaxy S4! I also love the cursive quote “It darted through her with the speed of an arrow that Mr. Knightly must marry no one but herself.” on the back.

  • Emergency Kit ($10): A secret pink compartment where I keep my lip balm, mint gum, Advil, hair ties, and girly stuff!

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste ($5): Do you love coffee but not your breath afterwards? My solution is to purchase a travel size toothbrush and toothpaste to keep you caffeinated and fresh! 

  • Forever 21 Polka Dot Wallet (Gift) - This is my smaller wallet that I keep with me during school! In this accessory I keep: cards, change, bills, and any important info I need to remember.

  • Samsung White SMART Digital Camera with WIFI ($150) – You never know when a perfect blogging moment could instantaneously happen on campus!?!

  • Tiffany & Co. Eyeglasses (Gift) – I always wear my tortoise TF2035 glasses’ by Tiffany & Co. to save me from squinting in class!


What do you keep in your school bag? Let me know in the comments bellow!

UPDATE@QuoVardisCanada (Quo Vardis) replied to my link "Discover what’s in the bag of @LaurelMusical. And you, what’s in your bag?!" Thule also replied “Thank you for sharing your review! It makes us so happy to hear that you like your Thule EnRoute daypack. Have a great day!”

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DIY - Android Icon Change

Recently, I gave into the temptation and changed my traditional Samsung Galaxy S4 icons to dainty pink ones! This resulted in an Instagram post frenzy and I was kindly demanded by many to do a how-to tutorial! That is why luckily today, I will be showing YOU how to change your Android icons with the help of Line Deco! So… Lets get to it!


  • 1. Download Line Deco from the Google Play store!

  • 2. Open Line Deco and make a selection from the Deco Packs! In addition, the app also provides amazing backgrounds, and single icons too!
  • 3. Choose your Deco Pack! I choose Boys&Girls by Dan Woodger because of their ridiculously cute carton icon faces!
  • 4. Select ‘Use this Deco Pack’ or ‘Heart It’ to save it for later!

  • 5. The next step will ask you to select a wallpaper (or wallpapaer); you can chose from the artist’s selection, another one, or to keep your original!
  • 6. Select the icon you want to change! I am going to change my Instagram icon to a cute carton girl taking a #selfie!

  • 7. The Edit Icons screen will now have a green dot above the icon to show you that a change is going to be made!

  • 8. Select Apply and watch the magic happen!

  • 9. Now you have a cute carton girl taking a selfie for your Instagram app! #YASSS

Do you customize your phone? Did you like this tutorial? Let me know in the comments bellow!

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My Collection - Makeup Tools

When collecting makeup products it is essential to have the tools needed to apply it! Moreover, making the cosmetic industry discover this nasty trick and invent new tools every month to help you achieve an 'even better' makeup look. Throughout the years, I have experimented with many tools and have settled on these favourites to show you today! Enjoy!


  • 129SE Powder and Blush Brush (Reg. $35)
  • 266SE Small Angle Brush (Reg. $20):  This eyeshadow angle brush is perfect for achieving the light shimmer look in the inner corners of your eyes!
  • 239SE Eye Shader Brush (Reg. $25)
  • 219SE Pencil Brush (Reg. $25)
  • 316SE Lip Brush (Reg. $20): You paid $40 for that Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick?!?! You better use it all - with this brush!


  • Contour and Blush Brush
  • Eyebrow and Eyelash Brush: When watching The View with my mother one morning, the hostess on the show gave me the best makeup advice towards mascara and eyebrows! In cosmetics there is no such thing as  ‘clump free’ mascara, instead there is a eyelash brush to help you comb through the clumps afterwards. Adding this tool will be essential in your collection!
  • Eyeshadow Sponge Brush


  • 187SE Duo Fibre Face Brush (Reg. $42)
  • 168SE Large Angle Contour Brush (Reg. $35): This brush is my ultimate favourite and three tools in one! When I am in a rush I use it to highlight, blush, and bronze my face! Ta da!
  • 190SE Foundation Brush (Reg. $34): In the eleventh grade of high school, I made the decision to start wearing liquid foundation. However, after discovering how much time it took to apply foundation in the morning, I now use this tool as a concealer brush.
  • 194SE Concealer Brush (Discontinued)


  • Vintage Large Eyeshadow Brush: This large eyeshadow brush was the first tool in my collection because of my dearest mother! The memories I have with brush go back to my elementary school days when I used to wear thick black, gold, and pink eyeshadow to school.
  • Lancome Flat Eyeshadow Brush (Sample in Gift Set)
  • Quo Creamy Eyeshadow Brush ($13): I mentioned this gorgeous brush in a favourites video! I love to use this brush for base eyeshadows because of its coverage!
  • Lancome Liquid Eyeliner Brush (Sample in Gift Set)
  • Marcelle Eye Lash Curler (Gift, $12): Who has time to curl their eyelashes? 
  • Pin Up Girl Tweezers (Gift, $8): These tweezers save me from facial hair disasters and keep my eyebrow game strong!

Where do you get your makeup tools from? Let me know in the comments bellow!

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Green and Gold #OOTD

This outfit of the day post is in editorial style and inspired by the fantastic collections seen during the New York City Fashion Week! I love the combination of olive green, gold, and dramatic red lipstick! Pst.. I would also recommend an outfit like this for anyone who needs a confidence boost!


  • Top - Forever 21 Ivory and Gold Sequined Short Sleeve Blouse. ($12)
  • Bottoms - American Eagle Outfitters Olive Green Jegging Crop. ($40)
  • ShoesPayless Gold Chelsea Flats. ($20)
  • WatchMichael Kors Two Tone Glitz Watch. (Gift)
  • Earrings - Gold Studs and Diamond Cartilage Stud. (Gift)


  • Primer - Rimmel Stay Matte Primer ($9)
  • Foundation - Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Light ($37, Gift)
  • Under Eye ConcealerMaybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer Light Pale ($14)
  • PowderMAC Mineralize SkinFinish Light ($32)
  • Highlight & BlushSephora Microsmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio Fair ($20, Gift)
  • EyeshadowMAC Exquisite Ego Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo ($23)
  • Eye BrowRevlon Brow Fantasy Dark Blonde ($6)
  • Eye Liner Rimmel Scandal Eyes Thick and Thin Liquid Eyeliner ($6)
  • Mascara - Loreal Voluminous Miss Manga Blackest Black Mascara ($6)
  • Lipstick - Maybelline 515 Coral Crush Colour Sensational Lipstick ($6): Go for the gold and dramatize your lip look! My best advice I have is to purchase a coral colour lipstick (like the one above) instead of the traditional red!

Would you wear this outfit? Or coral lipstick? Let me know in the comments bellow!

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Anonymous said: Hey! Do the lookbookstore items run true to size? If you don't mind me asking, what size are the dresses you have? Thanks!

Hi there! When ordering my two lookbookstore dresses I made sure to check the material and decide through the pictures if it would suit my body. I am regularly a size 8 and well gifted in the cleavage area so I made sure to order dresses that were backless or made of stretchy material. Thanks for the question!

The Book Tag

First off, I want to thank delimn for mentioning me and tagging me in this lovely book tag! I am always so inspired by people’s reading choices and what makes them their favourites! 


  1. Pick ten books that have stayed with you over the years.
  2. They do not have to be “right” books or great works of literature; Just ones that affected you in some way.
  3. Write them down in a list with no particular order.
  4. Then tag 10 beautiful friends!


  1. The Secret by Rhonda Bryne - The ultimate book for anyone who wants to learn about the law of attraction!
  2. How To Be A Straight A Student by Cal Newport - After my first year of university I was so shocked by my average drop I decided to get help from professionals. This book is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to boost their GPA!
  3. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer - Shhh… Team Edward!
  4. Confessions of A Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella - The first series that started my love of chick flick reading! Can you believe that there are nine books in this series and the last one came out in August?
  5. Fifty Shades Darker by EL James - #embracethenaughty
  6. Easy by Tammara Webber - The perfect love story for someone who is entering post secondary education!
  7. Old Before My Time by Hayley Okines - An inspirational biography by Hayley Okines who writes about her life while experiencing the effects of progeria at the age of eight.
  8. Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov - I read this book at the end of high school which overall boosted my self confidence and helped me take a different approach to dating! Read it!
  9. The Selection by Kiera Cass - A mixture of victorian, dystopia, and the bachelor combined! This series is so addicting and a must read!
  10. The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews“A butterfly could flap its wings and set molecules of air in motion, which would move other molecules of air, in turn moving more molecules of air — eventually capable of starting a hurricane on the other side of the planet.” 


Do you love reading books? Add me as a friend to Goodreads and the Personal Bloggers Book Club created by twentyishbrunette and I!

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Things I Learning In The Summer Of 2014

  • When reuniting with your best friends, hope that the relationships will remain the same. - This summer my best friends and I made a promise to try meet once a week. These get togethers made us realize how special and grateful we are to have each other.
  • Sometimes you have to choose between doing it in the moment or completing it later. - Before the summer began, I had laryngitis and had to postpone my performance jury. In the end, I was thankful I had made the decision because I got to perform at my best and in fully restored health.
  • Remember to say everything you need to family members who you don’t see often. - This summer I had to say goodbye to a precious family member of mine. This led me to sing for them and tell them how much I unconditionally loved them.
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone and achieve success! - As many of you know I started filming Youtube videos and integrating them into my posts this summer with the help of my trusty new tripod set!
  • Promote yourself in a humble manner. - I found that with the use of social media I could promote my art and continually thank people for watching, reading, and supporting it this summer.
  • Being a tourist in your own city with best friends can be the best excuse to explore. - I didn’t have the chance to jump on a jet plane this summer but I got to be with best friends and that was enough! Always be open to being a tourist in your own city!
  • Always be proud of your family members successes. - I have been so proud of my brother this summer for graduating high school and moving on to bigger things in his life!
  • The best way to grow as a person is to learn new skills. - This included taking fun online courses at, watching inspirational speeches, and reading new information on things that interest me!
  • Find beauty in nature rather than material things. - This summer I had the chance to visit many beautiful lakes and photography many pretty flowers and trees.
  • When ordering a coffee at Starbucks ask for a grande in a venti cup. - Totally off topic but a wonderful tip! This way they either give you enough room in your milk, sugar, etc or more than what you asked for! (i.e. Starbucks obsessed.)
  • Be courageous and ask people to work with you. - I had the chance to work with so many wonderful people just because I asked in an email. Never be afraid of emailing!
  • Make a final decision and commit to it! - After four years of waiting for the right moment, I finally got my cartilage pierced with my best friend!
  • When given the chance go see your favourite band, go!- This summer I got the chance to see One Direction because of a best friend-of a- friend encounter! I have never been so grateful, excited, and believed in fate more!
  • Ask questions and respect answers. - These summer lessons learned will be continually used as I enter my academic year! I believe that help and knowledge is always out there if you ask. So… ASK!

What lessons did you learn in the summer of 2014? Let me know in the comments below!

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How To Make Your Blue Eyes Pop!

I am currently training for my academic year-round job which makes me swamped for time and difficult to create long quality blog posts! However, while flipping through the pages of a magazine I spotted a new product by Maybelline called the Master Kajal Waterproof Eyeliner in Navy Night! This was intriguing to me because I’ve always wanted to incorporate blue eyeliner into my everyday makeup look to make my blue eyes pop!

  1. Eyeshadow Primer: First, dab an eyeshadow primer all over the eye lid with your finger tips to make the eyeshadow and product stay all day! The primer I am using is MAC Pro Longwear Paintpot in Let’s Skate!
  2. Eyeshadow #1: Then apply a cooper eyeshadow on the eye lid to create a natural shimmer. When brushing and applying I am using Urban Decay’s Naked 3 shade Trick.
  3. Eyeshadow #2: After setting the cooper eyeshadow, use a pale gold eyeshadow on the upper eye lid and blend with the shadow applied before. This blending technique creates a nice two tone natural look as I use Urban Decay’s Naked 2 shade Half Baked.
  4. Eyeliner #1: To create a subtle thick line of blue eyeliner start in the middle of your eye lid and glide to end of your lash line. The product I am using is Annabelle’s Metallic Kohl eyeliner in 172 Curacao because the Maybelline eyeliner had not been released in Canada yet!
  5. Eyeliner #2: Then to intensify your look apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner to your lash line for a look of thicker lashes. I am currently loving Rimmel’s ScandalEyes Thick and Thin Liquid Eyeliner in Black!
  6. Mascara: To complete the look apply your favourite mascara! I am absolutely adoring Loreal’s Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara in Blackest Black!

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial on how to make your eyes pop! I enjoy wearing a little bit of blue shimmer eyeliner because it “scientifically” makes your eyes brighter when it is surrounded by things that are the same colour. 
Did you like this tutorial? What is your favourite non traditional eyeliner colour to wear? Let me know in the comments bellow!

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