Ten Apps That Will Help You Excel In School

iStudiez Pro: An App that will become a heaven sent that will keep your school syllabus organized and prepared. It as well syncs with an iPad and MacBook Pro to keep you up to date (Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone).

MindNode: An App that connects and brainstorms ideas for essays and assignments with colourful coding and gorgeous fonts (Mac).

Evernote: A best friend when it comes to organizing and taking notes in lectures while syncing with an iPad and MacBook Pro at the same time (Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone).

SimpleFlashCards: A clean App that keeps terms categorized for exams, tests, and quizzes (Mac). 

Clear: A brilliant App that incorporates sound and colour to motivate you to complete simple tasks and reminders throughout the day (Mac, iPhone). 

My Wonderful Days: A journal App to use after all your assignments are completed to reflect and document personal goals (Mac, iPad).

Notability: A note App that has the ability to record, type, open pdf files, and scribble while in class (iPad).

UnStuck: An App that gives reassurance in dark times and helps you prioritize what you need to do to become a success (iPad). 

GoodNotes: A pdf file opener App that gives you the opportunity to highlight and type over top (iPad). 

Drop Box: An App that syncs with your computer to easily send files over (Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone). 

(Source: laurelmusical)